How to ask a man for money

How to ask a man for money?

The question, of course, is a delicate one, but not so rare, I must say. Wives, mistresses and candidates for the role of both often suffer from this. Someone is looking for an excuse for what is really pinned down, they need finances desperately for the most necessary: ​​to pay for an apartment, to dress a child ... Someone argues like this, they say, I want to please myself with some beautiful little thing, after all, a man will break, if only somehow, from some side, to drive up to him on this issue.

What kind of relationship are you with a man

A lot depends on what kind of relationship you have with a man. It happens that there is a child and even they are officially married, and the husband allocates funds only for the most necessary, and then when he sees fit.

In general, monetary relations are either initially spoken out (can be spelled out in a marriage contract ), or arise by themselves, which is called logically follow from the context.

For each couple in their own way, by the way, the behavior model can be borrowed from their parents, so by agreeing to live (or meet) with this person, you by default accept his concepts of financial relations between you. Why should you take? Because here it means that you still hope for his support. If a woman is financially independent, then such a question, in principle, does not stand before her.

How to ask your lover for money

Here initially there is one thin psychological moment. When you enter into an intimate relationship , he immediately determines for himself what kind of mistress he needs in your person. If he fell in love with you with all his heart, then there will be no problem in supporting you financially, love, as you know, will be checked by money : how much he measures, he loves so much.

There can be many nuances, for example, he fell in love with all his heart, but he himself has a family that also needs to be supported, he himself is far from being a millionaire - that's the reason for the "moneyless" relationship. Even if you hint, he still won’t be able to allocate much, rather, he will become generous with small gifts.

Secondly, when choosing a mistress, a man implicitly feels whether the woman in front of him is on whom they spend money. For example, if he wants to have a smart bitch , then he understands how to bribe her (or even “buy”). In general, your appearance and style of behavior play an important role here. If initially in your relationship you are the "follower", then of course, you will always have discomfort in somehow declaring your financial needs. But still you can try.

Start small: hint at something you really want. See the reaction and his actions, and draw a conclusion how he will behave further. If a stupor occurs already at this stage, then, most likely, there is nothing further to expect from Him, at least you will have to choose: either to humiliately promote your requests, or even forget that there is a man with a wallet nearby.

Remember that there is always a choice. You either agree only to an intimate relationship, and only this side suits you, or you persistently impose the idea that you want (“you will be very pleased”) to receive gifts from him. If he pretends not to notice or hear your hints and requests, then decide what is more important to you: financial support, or other common affairs. But more often than not, if a man is ready to spend money on a particular woman, she sees and feels his mood, if not, then your expectations may not have a cherished day.

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