Roses are the best flowers for a gift: is this relevant today?

a bouquet of roses for a womanFlorists claim that the rose is the most popular, sought-after flower used in bouquets. Even in ancient times, beautiful flowers brought as a gift had a specific symbolism, served as an expression of certain feelings. In the Middle Ages, lovers invented and used a special language of flowers, which was used to send secret messages. In this way of communication, the rose played a key role. For lovers, literally everything mattered: the color of the petals, the shape of the bud, the number of plants in the bouquet, etc.

The personification of strong feelings - a chic rose

For centuries, this flower has symbolized love, passion,

roses pinkbeauty, fidelity. Nowadays, this magnificent flower still occupies a leading position in floristry. According to statistics, bouquets are most often ordered from them, since not a single plant can compare in beauty, splendor, luxury with the “queen of flowers”. In most cases, they are purchased for the fairer sex.


Universal flower of extraordinary beauty

It is noteworthy that ordering flower delivery in Russia on the website - lovely roses is appropriate for a wedding, anniversary, professional holiday, anniversary of a relationship. Masters of floral art are sure that they look great in any bouquet. In addition, a single rosebud will look unusually elegant on its own - such a gift will be preferable for a first date.

white roses as a giftFor girls, flowers are delivered by fans all the time. This queen of flowers deservedly received the title of universal flower. If a young man has no idea about the floristic preferences of a lady of the heart, he can safely choose them without fear of making a mistake with a gift. As a rule, roses with white, cream petals are bought for brides, young girls. Flowers with burgundy corollas are recommended for older women. A man in love can easily buy his lady a bouquet of these scarlet flowers to emphasize the passion, desire, admiration of his beloved.

red roses in a bucket

A chic bouquet of roses will approve any woman

There are very few women in the world who are indifferent to the exquisite beauty of this beautiful plant. For this reason, flower delivery will be approved by literally all the beautiful ladies. It is worth considering that the rose speaks of the serious intentions of the donor, the depth, the strength of any feelings - be it passion, love, respect or admiration. Applying for an order to a flower salon with a good reputation will allow you to send a bouquet of luxurious fresh plants to a loved one, which will be accepted by the recipient with joy and pleasure. gorgeous bouquet of roses for a woman

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