Office dress code for women: 4 simple rules for a successful look

By no means any activity takes into account compliance with the dress code, of course, and not in every place, without taking into account the unspoken requirements for appearance, you are able to get settled. The desire to actively climb the corporate ladder is almost openly combined with the demonstration of one's own appearance.

Actually, the outer shell can tell almost everything about the individual who entered the conversation in the office. Hence the opposite side: top management is also counting on you, as well as on the future face, showing the status of a corporate institution.

Office dress code for women

There are 4 basic office dress code rulesthat must be observed when selecting images:

1. Office dress code for a woman prohibits:

  • low-cut pants;
  • tops with a bare tummy;
  • mini skirts;
  • shorts;
  • transparent clothes;
  • recessed cutouts;
  • sportswear;
  • slippers, slates.

A demanding collective dress code can be found in restaurants and banks. Although, a similar culture of wearing clothes - "dress-code" comes into fashion over time. To date, some firms are already prescribing provisions on the appearance of employees in their charters and employment contracts.

Office dress code for women

2. The main recommendations of the office dress code

The office dress code of a large corporation, as a rule, involves an outfit with a not very tight skirt, the length of which should not exceed the knees. A woman working in this kind of company should have a number of similar suits. They can be expanded with devices and decorations, but within the boundaries of rationality. Thanks to these additions, an office outfit, if necessary, can be easily and simply transformed into an image for a corporate party. To complement the image of an office dress code, Italian shoes and bags .

Office dress code for women

The office dress code for women takes into account both skirt and trouser outfits in dark colors, complemented by thin jumpers or blouses. The employee's shoes should be extremely clean, neat, low-heeled and with a covered toe. The arrival at work of girls who did not wear pantyhose, including in hot weather, is unacceptable.

In some companies of this kind, the business image should be followed from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays and at various collective events, it is possible to wear informal clothes. This permission allows you to dress in dresses and blouses with pants, or skirts without jackets and decorate yourself with a large number of accessories. Nevertheless, shoes are still required to be with covered toes. In general, including in an informal situation, employees of the company must follow a refined, without excessive pretentiousness, style.

office dress code

The office dress code of girls is recognized as quite demanding in relation to jewelry. Screaming colorful jewelry, large jewelry are not allowed. In this situation, small jewelry accessories made of a noble alloy are welcome. It is recommended to abandon all kinds of long hoop earrings or pendant earrings.

According to the Russian office dress code, a manicure must exist in an integral part, but extremely discreet. Broken, unpeeled nails and bright red, very large nails are absolutely prohibited. For short nails, a French manicure will be a perfect variation.

3. Dress code principles:

In addition, girls who select office attire should consider the following principles:

  • The wardrobe must be spotlessly clean and very well ironed.
  • In order to feel comfortable even in the most intense heat, wear outfits made of very loose and breathable fabrics.
  • A bra should not be visible under a loose blouse.

Office dress code for women

4. Office Style Hairstyle:

An integral part of the general look included in the office dress code is a haircut, hairstyle, hair color. Your hair must, of course, be in harmony with the attire, only one bright element is allowed. From long strands, make selected and neat hairstyles (knot, ponytail, spike). Lush styling is allowed to be done with a monotonous and rather strict suit, then it will be your bright accent.

The most important thing to understand is that your appearance is 80% of success. Therefore, before applying for a job in a large company, think carefully about what exactly you will go for an interview with.

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