How to get rid of split ends of hair: which procedure is better to choose?

Well-groomed and beautiful hair, of course, is the main decoration of all women. The condition of the hair is influenced by environmental factors and the rhythm of life. And also a negative effect on the hair has an improper diet and the use of inappropriate or spoiled cosmetics. The ends of the hair are most exposed to undesirable influences. If outwardly the hair looks healthy, but look at the ends, they are split. How to get rid of split ends? It is necessary to perform procedures for cleaning hair from split ends.

First you need to identify why the hair has become split? If the cause is hidden inside the body, then the use of only cosmetics here will not have much effect. It is worth remembering that hair suffers due to such factors: frequent hair coloring, alcohol, chemical perms, smoking. Planning for coloring, lightening or highlighting hair should be discussed with a stylist who will tell you when is the best time to do this or that procedure.

How to get rid of split ends?

It is necessary to eat foods with the presence of calcium, namely cheese, cottage cheese, milk, spinach. Brewer's yeast is a useful supplement that has a positive effect on hair, skin and nails. Fatty amino acids should be consumed: fatty fish, nuts, olives.

how to get rid of split ends hair

Which is better hot scissors or hair polish?

Haircut "hot scissors"

How to get rid of split ends? In many centers and beauty salons, hot scissor haircuts are performed, which clients most often ask for. The effectiveness of this method is manifested immediately after execution. Hair will not be brittle and dry. After 2-3 weeks and the hair will be beautiful and healthy as before.

Lamination of hair

How to get rid of split ends? Now there is another well-known way to deal with split ends - lamination. It protects and restores strands along the entire length. Each hair is covered with a special film, similar to gloss. This film contains all the nutrients and useful substances. After this procedure, the hair will become shiny, smooth, and the hairstyle itself will be beautiful and voluminous. This effect will stay on the hair for 1-2 months, if you follow all the recommendations for hair care. After the specified time has elapsed, the procedure must be performed again, as the film becomes thin and is easily washed off the hair.

There is color and transparent lamination. Using color lamination, you can achieve two positive effects, this is to get the desired shade and eliminate the split ends of the hair. When laminating hair, products are used that include protein, silicone and keratin. These substances restore the health and beauty of the hair.

Which is better, cutting or polishing hair?

Hair polishing

How to get rid of split ends without a haircut? It is necessary to use hair polishing so as not to shorten the length of the hair. And this procedure will help eliminate split ends.

Apply this method if:

  1. The hair is affected by thermal effects (hairdryer, curling iron, etc.).
  2. Hair has been bleached or dyed.
  3. A perm has recently been done.
  4. If the hair is brittle and dry.

Girls with thin and curly hair should not do this procedure. If it is impossible to restore the damaged section of the hair, then it is cut off, and if the cut is observed along the entire length of the hair, then it is necessary to polish the hair. How to remove split ends for girls with thin hair? They just have to cut their hair and then follow the right care. What is better keratin straightening or hair polishing?

split ends care

Why you need to do hair polishing:

  • Immediately after the procedure, the hair becomes smooth and soft.
  • The problem of tangled and difficult to comb hair goes into the background.
  • This method removes 70-90% of split ends.
  • After polishing, the length of the hair is the same, as only 3-10 mm of hair is cut.
  • Prevention of split ends is hair polishing.

To do hair polishing, for this you need to have the main device available - the nozzle of the clipper. With the help of it, each curl is processed. Curls before the procedure must be straightened with an iron. Each curl is passed several times with a machine with a nozzle. Depending on how long the hair is, this procedure will take so much time (from 15 minutes to several hours). Which is better Botox or hair polish?

cosmetic haircut

How to get rid of split ends? You can also get rid of the ends cut with a cosmetic haircut. This method will give your hair a healthy and beautiful look. Cosmetic haircut is performed with scissors, not a machine, along the entire length of the hair. A stylist can be considered a jeweler who carefully trims split hairs.

Performing this procedure, each lock of hair is twisted into a tourniquet. In this state, the hair is clearly visible split ends that stick out in different directions. They need to be carefully cut with scissors. After a cosmetic haircut, your hair will be smooth, neat and well-groomed. Now we know how to get rid of split ends.

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