What do you need to have in the car?

With daily use of the car, each car driver should have a certain set of things designed to help in various critical situations. Let's see: what you need to have in the car, so as not to get into a hopeless situation on the road?

What you need to have in the car


Each driver should have a certain number of tools, regardless of which car he is driving. Whether it is a foreign car or a domestic-made car, a business-class model or a budget segment car, it doesn’t matter.

Of the tools you should bring with you:

  1. Jack
  2. Wires with clamping terminals.
  3. Auto compressor or pump.
  4. Rope for towing.
  5. A small number of consumables for topping up (oil, antifreeze, etc.).
  6. Empty engine fuel canister.
  7. Anti-recoil stops. (shoe)

Things in the car

Make sure you have:

  • Fire extinguisher and first aid kit.
  • Rags for wiping glass, numbers, headlights, mirrors.
  • Car vacuum cleaner.
  • Glass scraper and brush.
  • Emergency sign

what you need to have in the car

Each driver has his own idea of ​​​​what you need to have in your car and what car little things should be there. But there are things that you cannot do without when traveling long distances.

In this article, everything that the owner of a car should have with him was maximally characterized. To exclude something from this list or to supplement it is a personal matter.

Good luck on your journey and be careful on the roads

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