Car vacuum cleaners and their varieties

A modern autolady spends almost as much time behind the wheel of her own car as at home, and sometimes even more. That is why, in the interior of the vehicle, as well as in your apartment, it is necessary to periodically clean it - it is very important to maintain order in the space around you, this will make the process of spending time in the car as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The assumption that keeping the salon clean is a rather laborious procedure, which, moreover, takes a lot of time, is wrong. Car vacuum cleaners are devices that will help to greatly ease the worries of a car lady.

Car vacuum cleaners

Such a new and productive technique as a car vacuum cleaner will be your best assistant in the process of cleaning your car. It will help to clean the car interior from dust and dirt much better, more efficiently, and most importantly - faster than standard brushes, sponges and cloths. Vacuum cleaners for cars are compact in size and light in weight, so you will definitely not have problems with their transportation.

Varieties of modern car vacuum cleaners

Modern companies produce two types of car vacuum cleaners - those that operate on the mains and those that run on batteries.

car vacuum cleaners

Battery powered car vacuum cleaners

They differ in very compact dimensions and low power, which, however, is enough for a small cleaning. They function autonomously, without affecting the state of the battery of the vehicle itself. Please note that after each cleaning, recharging will be required, and this device will work for no more than half an hour at a time. At the end of the session, the suction power of debris and dust can be significantly weakened. The advantages of such models include their autonomy and the absence of extra cords - thus, the vacuum cleaner will reach even the most inaccessible places.

Car vacuum cleaners from the cigarette lighter

is more common and popular among autolady - the one that works when connected to the cigarette lighter. The degree of power is similar to a standard vacuum cleaner used in everyday life. The advantage of such a device is that it can pick up significant contaminants, even pet hair. However, this vacuum cleaner model also has its drawbacks - for example, the presence of a cord that will often interfere with cleaning. Also, the complexity of the vacuum cleaner is that it can consume the energy of a car battery.


In addition to the varieties presented, car vacuum cleaners can be classified by power and functionality. When choosing a device, it is the functions that should be given special attention. So, you can notice that many models are supplemented with a wet cleaning function, which will be useful for those drivers who are prone to dust allergies. The wet cleaning function will also help you get rid of foreign odors in the cabin, such as the smell of tobacco.

You can also make a car vacuum cleaner with your own hands, of course, not without the help of your soulmate. And how to do it, you can see in the video tutorial.

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