Successful adaptation of a child to grade 5: do children need tutors?

At present, more and more often from parents, teachers, psychologists one can hear such a thing as a child's adaptation to the 5th grade. Is there a real problem, or is it contrived? What is adaptation and how does it manifest itself? These questions are relevant for many parents.

Adaptation is the adaptation of a person to something new: environment, people, tasks. Everyone goes through adaptation many times during their life. First in kindergarten, then at school, at the institute, at work - the list is endless.

Fifth grade is an important milestone for a student.

Everything that children are used to is changing. Teachers who do not know the capabilities of children, new requirements for learning, teaching style is not the same as it was before. Indeed, in the 4th grade, one teacher taught almost all subjects.

At this age, children often change, worry, become timid, fuss, often get sick, worry, are disorganized, sleep and appetite are sometimes disturbed. All these experiences are natural. They are cyclical and will soon pass.

The 5th grade program differs from the 4th grade program in terms of requirements and a large amount of homework. To help your child with their homework, try to find a private math tutor . It is one of the main subjects in the school. It will be easier for your child if he can work at the same pace with everyone in the lesson.

It takes time to adapt and get into the school rhythm. Usually until October-November, children only get used to learning. You can find out how your child has adapted from the school psychologist who observes the students. By contacting a specialist, you will find out what diagnostic methods and tests were used. Also, the psychologist will provide you with recommendations for raising children of this age.

If the child has successfully adapted to the 5th grade, he goes to school with pleasure, he has no difficulties in doing homework. And if your student is anxious, he has low self-esteem, looks tired, there is restless sleep, difficulties in communicating with classmates, then we can talk about maladaptation. From this it follows that your child could not adapt to new conditions on his own and he needs help.

The correct attitude towards the student, attention and love on your part will help the child to positively go through this period in life. Make a daily routine and stick to it, help with the lessons. Create a favorable environment at home, a positive attitude and goodwill, and then your child will get used to new teachers, requirements and learn independence.

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