Stained-glass windows for doors: how to choose the right interior doors for your home

In the modern world, a front door with stained glass is no longer something out of the ordinary. As well as interior doors, equipped with a similar design solution. The use of a stained-glass window allows you to complement, and sometimes even form, the interior of the entire room, adding expressiveness or individuality to it.

If you decide to install a stained-glass door, you should clearly understand what functions the space will perform, what is hidden behind them. For example, for a restroom or shower room, for obvious reasons, a door with a stained-glass window made of transparent glass is not suitable. But the street doors for the cottage , equipped with a stained-glass window, can also be made of transparent glass. Stained-glass windows in the entrance doors should be made of small fragments of tempered glass, with frequent lintels. In addition, due to the heavy load that falls on such doors, it is recommended to choose metal door blocks, and the stained glass should be resistant to the negative effects of sunlight.

Interior doors with stained-glass windows are divided into several types

Each of these types has its own important features in the field of installation and operation:

  1. Folding stained glass doors (accordion door) . This type of door is characterized by low wear resistance due to the fact that it is made of light materials and light types of glass. The complex design of the door itself provides a number of restrictions in the technique of execution of the stained-glass window built into them.
  2. Radial stained glass doors . Such doors are made exclusively of curved glass. Such categoricalness in the material leads to the fact that an extremely small number of stained glass techniques are applicable for radius doors.
  3. Sliding stained glass doors . Such door blocks can be made both in the classical technique and with the use of pseudo stained glass windows. In the case when a sliding stained-glass door is made using classical technology, a second rail is required - due to the weight of such a design, without a second rail, the product is likely to deform.
  4. Swing stained glass doors. The simplicity of the design of this type of door blocks allows the use of a huge number of different stained glass window techniques and provides high performance. Often, such doors are installed as kitchen doors.

The modern market is replete with various offers in the field of manufacturing stained glass doors. Thus, regardless of the style in which the interior of your home is made, you can find a suitable option.

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