How to confess your love to a man

How to confess your love to a man?

Of course, any girl expects that this is HE, the only and gentle one at some point will take a step forward and be the first to confess her love, and the old moral principles do not allow the lady to take the initiative into her own hands. But times are changing, and today it is not so rare when a girl decides to open up in her feelings. Although, if her object of adoration is a "bad guy" , then who knows how it will turn out.

Education, of course, plays a role. If you rarely heard words of love from your parents, then it will not be easy to say them to another person, you will have to cross the inner barrier. And your best feelings for your chosen one will encourage you to do this. However, there are many delicate situations when you may have a question, is it necessary to show feelings if a man is married, or if you doubt his reciprocal disposition, or you are afraid of being ridiculed, or ... you never know there can be other delicate moments.

Of course, you need to speak words of love, you need to learn to express your feelings, otherwise you can live your whole life like this without ever saying warm words to your loved one, thinking that actions speak for you. However, the situation must also be taken into account.

female secrets of declaration of loveWhen feelings are mutual , then words of love can sound without a shadow of a doubt, but how you say them and at what point is already secondary, the main thing is that you love and are loved. You can talk about love during a walk, in a cafe, at home, finally. The background is not important, your attitude is important. No wonder they say that with a sweet paradise and in a hut. If you want romance, arrange the appropriate environment: candles, candlelight dinner will help create the right mood. It may be trite, but it has stood the test of time. And the main thing here is not candles - but you yourself.

If the man is married , think about it. Of course, any of us would like reciprocity, but the “all means are good” approach is inappropriate here. You can, of course, catch the object of passion, for example, in the office, or on the street, perhaps during a dance at a corporate party and open your feelings soulfully. But will it be easier for you, and for him too. Perhaps you, on the contrary, complicate the relationship. In addition, your love is not a reason for promises on his part. If you feel that it is important for you to explain yourself and would like to hear the same in response, most likely it is passion that drives you. You want to possess another and belong to him. But this is not love. True love is sacrifice. If you truly love, let your love remain in your soul, wish happiness to the object of adoration. It is hardly a good idea that reciprocity is possible. As the saying goes, you can't build your happiness on someone else's misfortune.

If a loved one does not know about your feelings , this is the most exciting, because you do not know how he will react. Maybe your confession will affect the relationship, not even for the better. But passion, how you want beautiful confessions, you want to discover the secret that between you is not just friendship between a man and a woman , but it's scary. Then try to do it with the help of signs with hints. For example, put on a love song and show with your eyes how it resonates with your feelings. Give a gift that has words of love on it. Someone is still writing confessions on the pavement. In general, use signs of attention. It is pleasant for any person to realize that he is loved, except for cases when this takes on an obsessive form.

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