Air conditioners and humidifiers help women in the fight against dust

The problem of air pollution in the home and at work is quite relevant. On pieces of furniture, household appliances, dust accumulates well and is inhaled by us in high concentrations. Penetrating into the respiratory tract, it settles in the larynx, trachea, bronchi. The smallest particles reach the small bronchi, bronchioles and even alveoli. Toxic solid particles that come with dust can be absorbed into the blood from the alveoli.

In the fight against dust, first of all, you should regularly ventilate the room and make it wet cleaning. The smallest particles of dust penetrate even the narrowest gaps. When cleaning, you should not be lazy to move beds, sofas and other furniture, wash layers of dust even in the most hidden places.

In production, they are not limited to this and apply a number of measures to protect against the penetration of dust into the body.

The personal protective equipment used by factory workers includes masks and respirators. However, they will not protect one hundred percent. It is hard to breathe in them and periodically the workers take them off. Therefore, ventilation systems for air purification are indispensable.

Implementation of air purification

Air purifiers, ionizers and air humidifiers are widely represented on the household appliances market today. You can buy an air conditioner inexpensively , or you can purchase a multifunctional device. Such a device will not only update the composition of the air, but also enrich it with water vapor or ionize dust particles. Ionization and moisture make the dust less active. This effect is achieved by all known mechanisms. Ionization is the process of giving particles a specific charge that prevents them from sticking together. Humidification of the air contributes to the deposition of dust and reduce its potential danger.

When choosing a cleaning system, we must take into account the number of square meters available for its placement. If the area is sufficient, you can buy a floor air conditioner , but even for a too crowded small room, there is a way out in the form of hanging, wall-mounted appliances.

The air conditioner must be in a functionally active state. His work is worth watching. If the device is characterized by the function of ionization and humidification, then it is necessary to change the filters regularly. The creators of this technique took care of consumers and added a system of filter status indicators to the panel. So the air purifier itself will tell you when the filter becomes unusable.

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