Maternity bandage, how to choose the size?

Hello to all new mothers! It has long been known how great a bandage for pregnant women helps! But for those girls who are just going to become mothers, this information will be very useful.

This indispensable device will greatly facilitate the condition of a pregnant woman and will allow you to quickly restore your figure after childbirth. It supports the stomach and eases the load on the back and lower back. After all, every month the pregnant woman's tummy grows, and the spine, out of habit (especially in the last months of pregnancy), is already difficult to withstand such a load. In addition, a growing belly puts a considerable load on the muscles of the abdominal cavity. If a girl did not engage in physical activity or sports before pregnancy, then untrained muscles can easily sag and spoil the figure. But you always want to look your best. Therefore, after giving birth, many are engaged in fitness, physical activity, running, etc.

Bandage for pregnant women1But in order to quickly restore skin tone, it is necessary to wear a bandage for pregnant women. This will support the abdominal muscles from possible stretch marks and sagging. Given these advantages in wearing a bandage, it is recommended by gynecologists and all experienced mothers. Today, pharmacies sell a lot of bandages that differ in their configuration, material structure and style. Therefore, you need to decide which bandage is right for you. To do this, consider several existing models.

There are bandages that look like lingerie. These are tight panties with a slightly high front part, which consists of a wide elastic insert. It is this dense strip that holds the grown tummy. Behind such a bandage supports the back due to the elastic strip. The material for this model of bandages is microfiber. And if you are not prone to allergic reactions to synthetic fibers, then such a bandage may suit you.

Very convenient and practical is a bandage for pregnant women in the form of an elastic belt. It is often called universal because it makes it possible to regulate from the first months of pregnancy to the period of childbirth. In addition, it can be used after childbirth in order to get rid of a sagging abdomen and return to its previous shape. Such a bandage looks like an elastic band, which is narrowed at the edges. They wear it during pregnancy with the narrow side forward, and the wide side back, in the lumbar region. After childbirth - on the contrary, so that the wide side, as it were, “presses” the stomach back. Such a bandage is also convenient because it can be worn over underwear. Thus, it eliminates the manifestation of discomfort when wearing.

One of the varieties of bandages are bandages-corsets. But they are contraindicated for pregnant women, because they have dense plates in their design that squeeze the stomach and cause discomfort. This model is suitable for body shaping after childbirth (a month later). Due to the regulation mechanism (lacing), it will allow you to draw in the stomach as much as necessary.

Bandage for pregnant women, how to choose?

Bandage for pregnant women, how to choose the sizeWhen buying a bandage, pay attention to its size and choose the one that suits your parameters.

  • The bandage should be worn from the moment of visual manifestation of the abdomen. For some pregnant women, this period begins after the 20th week of pregnancy, for others - later. The bandage significantly reduces the load on the spine and abdominal muscles.
  • The skin, stretching in an unusual mode for it, is often subject to stretch marks. You can use special creams or lotions for stretch marks. But the bandage will help maintain the integrity of the skin and its speedy recovery to its original size.
  • There is a myth that supposedly the bandage squeezes the stomach and harms the unborn child. But it remains just a myth. A conversation with a female doctor will help dispel your doubts. You will feel the benefit of the bandage as soon as you select the model of the required size. Your back and lower back will instantly feel light and relieved.

The bandage for pregnant women will allow you to feel more confident while walking and eliminate possible discomfort from the active load on the muscles. Easy pregnancy and successful delivery!


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