How to meet a man after 30 for a serious relationship?

Dating men is easy, but finding a worthy life partner with whom you really want to build a long-term relationship is like finding an elusive needle in a haystack. When you're in your 30s or older and may already have kids, that needle seems to shrink to a microscopic size and you're sifting through what seems like an endless amount of hay.  

No matter how hopeless a task it may seem, meeting a worthy man at this stage of your life is real. But you won't meet him until you're outside, so pull yourself together and read this article first.

So, there are several ways to get to know a man:

1. Learn something new

Have you always wanted to learn ballroom dancing or dance salsa? Perhaps you have an unrealized interest in ceramics or painting? Then you need to urgently start training! Sign up for a local workshop or hobby club. There you can meet a like-minded, suitable guy who will also interest you.

how to meet at the gym

2. Gym

Regular exercise is beneficial not only for health, but also for personal life. Your local gym is probably teeming with healthy, tough guys, some of whom might be single and ready to hang out. Sign up for a gym membership or attend yoga classes on a regular basis and you'll often run into interesting men and easily start casual conversations like asking for help.

3. Cultural development

Visit a museum, look for a book in a bookstore, or watch a play at a local theater. The more you go out and try new things, the more likely you are to meet a guy who shares your interests.

how to meet a man by interests

4. Dating sites

Today, dating sites are a normal practice where people communicate, fall in love, and then create families. And single mothers and just girls over 30 are no exception. There are many dating sites, so choose a few of them, the ones you like the most and use them to meet and get acquainted with men in your city. For convenience, you can download the RusDate dating app for your mobile phone. Since in the modern world the phone is always with you, which means that your acquaintances will always be with you when you install a mobile application in an accessible version for your device: Dating in Russian for Android or Dating in Russian for iPhone

It also saves time and makes it easier for you to communicate with a potential partner before the meeting, and see if there is a “spark” between you. Be honest and leave only real information and photos in your profile, so your chances of meeting the “right” guy for you will increase significantly.

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