Relationships with work colleagues

Relationships with work colleagues

mood , your devotion to the cause finally, your productivity depend on how comfortable you are at work and just being close to your work colleagues However, it often happens that you hardly force yourself to go to your native work team every morning, and all because one of the employees pesters you with her nit-picking, causticity, or tries to insult and humiliate you. Or, for example, it seems to you that everyone is opposed to you, everyone is discussing your person with someone, while not hiding a malicious smile. Well, how to be in such situations. How to find the strength in yourself to go and fulfill your functions.

Another option is also possible. You plan to take a good position in the company, but somehow your relationships with others do not add up. It seems that they are stupid, or something, or some kind of losers, in general, the contingent is still the same. If your situation is close to the one described, then you need to reconsider your personal attitude towards others before it's too late. Believe me, a person with such an attitude towards people is unlikely to achieve high results. Because the whole team works for the result, and when people, if possible, avoid any communication with you, they will not want to carry out your instructions in the proper way. You have to learn to love people , then they will be drawn to you.

Well, for those for whom conflicts with colleagues (at the initiative of the latter) are a daily reality, our advice will come in handy.

The power of your imagination will help build relationships

It has long been proven that thoughts are material. Use this, imagine that your offender is a good person. It is difficult, but you must admit that every person has good qualities. Find these qualities in a co-worker you don't like. Strengthen them with the power of imagination. And you will see interesting changes begin to take place. He will either begin to change his attitude towards you, or he will be transferred to another department (other options are possible). The key is to turn the negative into a positive.

When talking with a "difficult" person, try to look at the situation from the outside. Well, as if you are watching a conversation between two people. This perspective will not allow you to completely plunge into an avalanche of emotions, on the contrary, you will be able to keep the situation under control. This will prevent your opponent (most likely an energy vampire) from getting what he wants, which is to unbalance you, make you tremble and undermine your confidence.

First working day in a new place

If you have the first working day, then you can understand your excitement. Even for the most self-confident person, joining a new team is stressful. Therefore, do not try to stand out from the crowd from the threshold. Better to pay attention to the little things. To do this, you will have a mentor, or you will have to master the workspace on your own.

You don’t need to immediately declare to everyone present next to you that, to put it mildly, you don’t really like the workplace and in general you don’t like how the workflow is built. If you start with a negative, there is hardly any point in continuing to talk about something positive. Because they are greeted by clothes, and at a new workplace also by behavior. When you join the team, you lay the foundation for your communication with the rest of the employees.

A good way to gain credibility in the eyes of colleagues is to support them in those matters in which you understand, maybe better than others.

If you are busy, and you are approached just at that time (naturally with working moments), try tactfully asking to wait, instead of being boorish.

Perhaps you don’t care what others think about you, but believe me, it’s easier to gather like-minded people, which means achieving results, when you are an ideologist and inspirer in one person. Winning the favor of people is not always easy, but it is rewarded, including financially.

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