How to protect your car from theft

The long-awaited purchase in the form of a car has come true. Now the main task is how to protect the car from theft. Today, car thieves have become more professional in their actions and can steal any vehicle. But if you use the car protection options from this article, you will significantly reduce the percentage of the risk of theft of your car.

How to protect your car from theft

  1. It is better to leave the car overnight in a guarded parking lot, in a garage or in your field of vision (for example, in front of a window).
  2. Car thieves will choose the least attractive car in appearance. If you used tuning services, then most likely such a car will not be interesting for theft. Even if they want to resell it in the future, they will have to repaint the doors, hood, roof, etc. And this is a waste of money and time.
  3.  If you decide to sell your car, then in no case do not let a stranger drive without you. It happens that the attacker asks to check the car in motion, takes the keys from the owner, gets into the car and gives gas.

Expose the scammers

Often the people who target your car are putting on a mini show. You approach your vehicle and it won't start. A passer-by comes up and offers to help. It hints that the alarm may fail, you open the hood, turn it off, and at that moment the thief reads your alarm with a special device. And another passer-by quietly removes a rag from the exhaust pipe, which he put there earlier. The owner rejoices, shakes hands with the thief, and the next day his car disappears.

how to protect your car from theft

  • There is an excellent protection option, but it is expensive. You can buy an individual alarm system, author's. Since with the advent of each new alarm, attackers soon have a key to it. And it is difficult, even impossible, to find the key to the author's work.
  •  A greater percentage of theft occurs at night or, conversely, during the day at rush hour in large open parking lots near the hypermarket. When there are a lot of people, and no one pays attention to anything. The thieves have master keys from any car lock. Anyone can buy them. Why are they being sold freely? Everything is simple. An ordinary car owner can accidentally leave the keys in the trunk, in the car, or simply lose them. In this case, he can acquire a suitable master key. But this does not mean that you can not go to the shops, just try to leave the car closer to the entrance of the hypermarket, to the guards.
  • Never leave bags, wallets, purses and other valuables on the seats in the car, this is another reason to harm your car. If it is not stolen, they will try to open or break the window.
  •  The most ridiculous and easy advice on how to protect a car from theft is to close doors and windows. Even such a simple and obligatory action people manage to forget to do. And because of their inattention, they become on foot. Using these tips, you will ensure the safety of your car.

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