Planning the sex of the child by the month of conception

The method of planning the sex of the child includes a large number of very different options. Among them there are both scientifically reasoned methods and folk methods acquired on the basis of many years of experiment and observation.

The scheme for planning the sex of the child is also different.
MicroSort method. This is an extremely effective method, but which is expensive. It is based on the artificial selection of male spermatozoa or female eggs, followed by insemination inside the uterus or using a test tube. The method of planning the sex of the child is most effective in order for a girl to be born (about 88%). If you want a little boy, the possibility of the method is about 73%. Toddler planning method - Shettles. This method is based on the fact that male sperm live longer than a female egg. Based on this knowledge, it can be assumed that if sexual intercourse occurs a certain number of days before the upcoming ovulation, then male spermatozoa by that time may already be incapacitated to fertilize, but stronger and longer-lived will be able to fertilize the egg. The method is based on the regularity of sexual activity. The method of planning the sex of a child was invented by Russian scientists, who saw that the sex of the offspring clearly depends on the regularity of sexual activity - the more often the ejaculation occurs, the more likely it is that a male will appear, the less often it will be female.

Planning the sex of the child by blood.

This method of planning the sex of a child is built on the constant renewal of the blood of a woman and a man. The child, according to the creators of the method, will come out of the same gender as the gender of the parent with more “new” blood at the time when conception occurs (in this case, the one whose balance turned out to be greater during the calculation will “win”). For example, a man is 24 years old, and a woman is 22. Divide 24 by 4 and get 6. For a woman, 22 divided by 3 is equal to 7.33 .. According to the system, this couple is obliged to have a girl.


Planning the sex of the child diet.

The basis for calculating the sex of the unborn baby was such an assumption that the constant use of certain products intensively and the restriction in the use of others can have an effect on the hormonal background and endocrine functions in the body. In order to conceive a child of the desired gender, the couple needs to start following a certain diet.

Lunar calendar for planning the sex of the child.

According to astronomers, the lunar calendar can make it possible to clearly plan the sex of the child and gives an idea of ​​​​his character. The concept is based on the conclusions that were made on the basis of ongoing studies involving 30,000 women. Now, with the support of special programs and tables, you can find out the phase of the moon that is favorable for conception.


There are various ways to plan the sex of a child, but it is worth sticking to them or not for a married couple to decide, since it has long been known how fertilization occurs. The bearer of information about the gender of the unborn child is a man who has spermatozoa, which are divided into two types - X and Y. Y - at the time of conception, determines the gender of the boy, and X is responsible for the girl. The spermatozoa of these groups differ in the genetic factor that determines the sex of the embryo in the future.

Many believe that the most important thing is the health of the child, and who will be, he or she is no longer important.

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