Good conscience

To date, it is very widespread to conduct various analyzes and tests to clarify certain aspects of married life, including DNA testing for paternity .

Nervous tension, excessive suspicion and jealousy can seriously spoil the relationship between spouses, especially when it comes to the fear of betrayal.

Andrei and Alla lived for many years as a strong family, raising two children. The eldest son was born a year after the wedding and was like two drops of water similar to his father, not only in appearance, but also in habits. Even in infancy, he copied Andrei's pose in a dream, sneezed and grimaced funny, was smart and cheerful. The youngest son was practically not like him, he preferred to spend time alone with toys, he constantly painted something.

The first 10 years flew by quickly and amicably. First the first child went to school, then the second. Gather everyone for lessons, pick up circles and sections to your liking, do not forget this and that ... And then Andrey got laid off due to the bankruptcy of the company and began to spend more time at home, in empty attempts to find a new job.

It is difficult for a strong man to admit his dependence on a woman, and during this period it was Alla who fed the whole family. Mutual discontent and irritation accumulated for several months. Alla did not like the fact that her husband constantly sits at home. Andrei was angry that Alla came home from work later and later, explaining this by overtime. Knowing that Arkady, her childhood friend and ex-man, was working with her, he began to get very jealous, arranging checks and scandals for his wife. In the end, everything came to the point that he accused Alla of the fact that their youngest son was not his child. Spending a lot of time together, he saw how different he was from him in appearance and character.

Of course, the romance of Alla and Arkady ended long before they met. However, they parted on good terms and supported each other all these years. What prevented them from meeting one evening, having a nice chat over a glass of wine and moving into the bedroom, remembering youthful passion? The more Andrei thought about it, the less he could control himself, taking out his anger on Alla, who did not understand what was happening.

One evening, when Alla came quite late, Andrey told her all his suspicions. Fortunately, his wife, understanding his condition and fear of losing his family, did not make a scandal and suggested a cardinal solution - contact a genetic laboratory for a DNA test that would confirm or refute Andrei's suspicions. Their choice fell on the nearby Medical Genomics . The study dispelled Andrey's fears, and an open conversation with Alla helped reduce feelings of jealousy and fear. Wanting to help her husband, she found out about the vacancies in her company, and as soon as a place in the right department became vacant, she invited Andrey to go for an interview.

Now he knows exactly what Alla does at work and that Arkady, who has been meeting with a colleague from the accounting department all this time, does not pose a threat to his family at all. And that the youngest son is exactly his, he just went to his maternal grandfather.

* The story is based on real events. In order to maintain confidentiality, all names and surnames have been changed.

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