How to dry-clean mattresses at home: what is electric knockout?

For deep dry cleaning of interior items, a special electric brush-electric beater Hyla is used. Electrical equipment created by a German company for efficient cleaning in a residential area. With the Hyula device, dry cleaning of mattresses at home is carried out quickly and without problems, the device makes it possible to remove even the smallest particles up to 1.5 microns, thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Let's evaluate the features of this cleaning device:

  1. Presence of own engine. In Hula machines, there is a separator on the engine that separates the air flow and protects the engine from water and dirt entering it.
    This design helps to increase the efficiency of the equipment, as there are no spare parts that become contaminated during operation. A personal motor is mounted inside the eco-machine, which drives a bristle shaft. Its rotation speed is 18,000 rpm, this power allows you to clean the mattress from microorganisms to a depth of 15 cm.
  2. Specific bristle arrangement. If you choose equipment with a classic brush, dry cleaning of mattresses will not be effective.
    The standard models do not have an electric brush, there is only a turbo brush, it rotates due to the movement of air and does not create vibration. Filters are installed inside the device, which quickly become dirty - as a result, the air flow is already weak and the unit cannot pull dust and dirt out of the mattress. In the brushes of Hyla electric beaters, the pile is located in such a way that the shaft also vibrates during operation. Under such influence, the dirt from the inner layers of the upholstery of the mattress or furniture is at the surface and is then collected by the apparatus. This allows you to increase the quality of cleaning and completely get rid of dust.

We note other features of the eco-machine:

  • Beater overload protection. If a foreign object gets into the mechanism of the device, the device will not break. A specialized micro-sensor will work, which will turn off the shaft and save the device and furniture from damage.
  • Excellent maneuverability. The electric brush moves back and forth, left and right without any problems. Thanks to this quality, you can completely clean the entire surface of the mattress, sofa or bed. Even the most hidden corners of the upholstery will not remain without close attention.

All these characteristics make the electric brush the best device for cleaning upholstery and upholstered furniture. See what you can achieve with her. In the picture you will see the water in which all the dust from the mattress is concentrated:

From now on, it will be easy and simple to eliminate pathogenic bacteria from interior items and create a favorable atmosphere in a house or apartment. If you need high-quality cleaning using innovative eco-machines and safe substances, contact Hyla ( Cleaning experts travel around Moscow and Moscow Region, the price of dry cleaning mattresses is determined by the size. If necessary, specialists will disinfect the upholstery, remove stains and offer other cleaning services. We advise!

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