Life situations: What is needed to file a lawsuit?

Often in our life we ​​have to go to the courts. That is why it is important to know how to properly file a lawsuit , as well as what is needed for this.

In fact, many people, in order to alleviate their own fate, entrust this process to an experienced and qualified specialist in this matter. A real professional will advise you on all issues of interest, and, if necessary, help with the preparation of a statement of claim or even take over the resolution of this issue. In order to file an application to the court, you will need to adhere to certain requirements and standards.

What is required to file a lawsuit?

1. First, if we talk about filing a claim, it is filed directly with the court of first instance.
After that, it is registered there, after which it is transferred directly to the judge himself. 2. Secondly, if we talk about the plaintiff, here he has every right to combine several of his claims in one claim.
3. Thirdly, it is very important to properly file an application to the court. To do this, you must first familiarize yourself with some information.

At the very top of the application, in the header, you must indicate the name of the court to which you are applying. Next, you must specify the address at which the court is located. After that, the claimant must indicate their full name, exact address of residence and a contact phone number where you can be contacted if necessary. The same information is indicated about the defendant against whom you are making claims. What follows is the contents of the claim itself. At the very beginning, the situation is described that prompted you to go to court. Then you need to specify the cost of the claim. This is necessary in the event that material or moral damage will be recovered. After that, the circumstances are indicated, and then the evidence that confirms each point of the statement. And, of course, you will need to indicate the full list of documents that are attached to the claim.

It is important to remember that the claim is signed by the plaintiff or legal representative. In addition, you will need to pay a court fee, the amount of which is prescribed by law.

Immediately after the statement of claim is handed over to the court office, five days are given. During this time, the application goes to the judge, who in turn sets the exact date for the preliminary hearing. The plaintiff and the defendant will be notified when it is necessary to appear in court by means of a summons.

You can get more detailed information by contacting an experienced specialist in this matter.

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