Glycerin suppositories during pregnancy, methods of application.

Hello to all girls and women. Glycerin suppositories during pregnancy are used during constipation. This often worries pregnant women due to the production of large amounts of the hormone. Progesterone, which is produced during pregnancy, reduces the tone of the muscles of internal organs, incl. relaxes the walls of the uterus and intestines. As a result, the intestines are not able to remove processed products during the time, they stagnate, forming constipation.

But even in such situations, you can not immediately start using glycerin suppositories. Since glycerin not only softens the stool, but also causes intestinal spasm, which can provoke uterine contractions, leading it to tone. And this is not safe with the threat of interruption, so you can first use more gentle methods of treating constipation.

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Measures to combat constipation and their prevention can be:

  1. Frequent meals in small doses (after 3 hours). The diet should include vegetables and fruits (beets, cabbage, pumpkin, bran, cucumbers, dried fruits, prunes, etc.). Due to the content of coarse fibers in them, the feces are "pushed" in the intestines and come out without accumulating. Otherwise, they seem to be pressed, creating a fecal plug.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids, especially pure water (1.5 l/day). From constipation it is useful to drink a glass of raw water on an empty stomach. This is especially important for pregnant women. Water, getting into the intestines, will soften the stool, and it will easily begin to come out. Otherwise, it will accumulate, will have a dry substance, which will be difficult to remove. This will create a straining effect, which can provoke hemorrhoids after childbirth.
  3. More movement: walking, gymnastics, household chores, etc. This will contribute to the contraction of the intestines and, as a result, the timely exit of the stool through the rectum. Movement is especially useful during pregnancy, when the pelvic bones begin to rebuild. After all, pregnancy is not a disease. In no case should you lead a recumbent lifestyle. This will be the root cause of constipation.


If a critical situation and the stool does not appear within 3 days, you can resort to an enema, but only after consulting a gynecologist.

In case of long and prolonged constipation, you can use glycerin suppositories, but again, after consulting with the doctor and eliminating the possible risks of pregnancy. Sea buckthorn suppositories, vaseline oil (inside), herbal preparations help well in this case.

Glycerin suppositories during pregnancy? How to apply?

  • One suppository (suppository) is inserted into the anus in the morning, half an hour after eating. The most comfortable insertion position is lying on your side (preferably on the left). After insertion, move the buttocks and allow the glycerin to melt. You should not get up immediately, because. the contents of the candle may leak out. The permissible dosage is 1 suppository per day.



  • use is not desirable in the presence of cracks in the anus or inflammation of the hemorrhoids. This can cause burning and itching;
  • You can't use candles. The irritating effect of glycerin can adversely affect the mucous membrane, causing inflammation in the intestines.

Glycerin suppositories during pregnancy should be used by women only after medical consultation. Tell me, did this article help you? Please unsubscribe in the comments.

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