How to behave in an interview

How to behave in an interview?

Climbing the career ladder begins with an interview. And before you start building a career in a particular firm, you first need to get there. Therefore, remember that the interview is perhaps the "door" for your growth, so you need to be able to make a first impression. The second case in one place will not present itself.

To begin with, answer yourself the question: in which company would you like to work? There are large corporations, there are small businesses, there are state-owned enterprises. Everywhere has its own rules and requirements. After you decide what you would like, purposefully send out a resume . Well, when you are already scheduled for an interview, do not be too lazy to collect more information about the company where you have to go. In particular, find out about the main areas of activity, about the corporate culture, about the level of salaries (if you go through a recruitment agency, you will be given preliminary information).

Interview: how to behave

    Take care of your appearance. If you are applying for a good position, then you need to look accordingly. Representative suit is required (trousers are allowed for women). If you know that this company has no special requirements for appearance, still try to look presentable. Set yourself up for positive communication that starts as soon as you enter the office: a smile and a confident tone will help you win over people. Keep in mind who you have an appointment with, namely: the name of the person and who he is in this company. Even if you are worried, don't forget who you are. The outcome of the meeting will depend on the ability to present yourself and your value as an employee. Be prepared for personal questions. Think in advance what you can say to potential questions about your marital status and personal life. The management of the company has the right to know about the personal life of the employee insofar as it relates to work. Answer the questions clearly, without deviating from the topic and without going into spatial reflections. As for counter questions, it is welcome when you, as a potential employee of the firm, are interested in growth opportunities, the powers of the position you are applying for, salary and other additional information. So your employer will see that it is really important for you to get a job to develop and fulfill your potential, and not to “wipe your pants”. Always have a portfolio (if you have previous experience). Some make the mistake of forgetting to collect examples of their work just in case.

What not to do in an interview

          Too excited behavior does not characterize you from the best side, so try to behave with dignity. Do not get carried away with emotional explanations using gestures. Do not attribute to yourself what you do not fully know or what you are barely familiar with. In the process of work, this will still become clear and the situation may not turn out to be a very good side for you. Demonstrating self-confidence in an interview works against you. Do not interrupt the interviewer, focus on what he is talking about in order to clearly understand the subject of the conversation. Any extremes in behavior: whether it is too slow a reaction, or your game ahead of events - everything is not a plus for your candidacy. When asked about the reasons for leaving your previous job, never answer


         former bosses and the firm as a whole, avoid also mentioning conflicts. It is appropriate to say that you have exhausted your potential in a previous company or have reached the ceiling of your capabilities. Regarding wages, do not go too far. Everywhere there is a trial period, and you must be ready to prove yourself first. Do not be intrusive in terms of your desire to get this position. This characterizes a potential employee not from the best side: after all, if you are in a hurry, it means that you are either not confident in yourself, or you have not received any other offers, which leads to certain conclusions. In general, it is better to be proud and consistent.

PS: always pay attention to your feelings during your presence in the office of the company where you came for an interview. You may have to work here, but do you feel comfortable within these walls and among these people? Your job satisfaction will depend on this. After a bad interview, be sure to consider your mistakes. Everything comes with experience and career growth has its secrets .

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