Career Secrets

Career Secrets

It is known that it is somewhat more difficult for a woman to make a career. Although the times of severe discrimination have passed, nevertheless, for work that can be performed by both men and women, management will more willingly take a representative of the stronger sex. Because a woman, if she already has a child, will often go on sick leave, and if she does not have offspring yet, then there is a high probability that she will want to become a mother, and in the very near future.

To get a "place in the sun" it would be nice for someone to use the connections of an influential relative (dad, for example) or the generosity of good friends. Well, if you have neither one nor the other, but you really want to “rise”, what should you do? Probably, you need to demonstrate your best qualities to the management of the company where you work or plan to take a vacant position. And in general, when a person achieves something with his work, it is more valuable than a good position from the right person.

Tips for aspiring careerists

          To begin with, make sure that the company in which you plan to climb the career ladder is firmly on its feet. Where there is no obvious prosperity, you are unlikely to get promotion, if anything at all. Any lady will not refuse to discuss local news with female colleagues. If you're new to work, don't start collecting gossip by forming an interest group around you. Those who like to discuss others rarely achieve decent results in their work. Criticism of leadership policy, even if it is justified, is not the best way to express yourself. Show what you are capable of. Show your best side. Of course, there are no irreplaceable employees, but there are especially responsible ones, on whom the management, as a rule, relies. And the more unique your features - the more you price. Envy is not the best feeling to strengthen your position. If someone in your department is doing much better than you, don't get mad about it. Don't be jealous of his (or her) accomplishments. Because then your actions will be negative. And it is unlikely that you will prove yourself in this way. Healthy competition should breed a healthy competitive spirit. Don't curry favor with superiors just to get praise or preference. Explicit careerist manners can play a cruel joke on you. You will be used, but not promoted. Always participate in corporate events, preferably take the initiative to prepare them so that you are noticed. Yes, and the establishment of trusting relationships in an informal setting will not hurt. Be punctual in the performance of your duties. And you will always be trusted and even preferred. Finally, don't focus on just one job. The more active your lifestyle will be (with the connection of all spheres of life, including


        , the more you will give the impression of a versatile person, and such a person can be given a good position, because the closure on one thing does not give a person a large-scale view of circumstances. But any leader is distinguished precisely by the ability to think broadly.

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