How to quit your job

From dismissal, as they say, no one is immune.

How to quit your jobHowever, no matter how you prepare yourself internally for such a moment, the situation is still stressful and very exciting. It is necessary to be able to quit competently, without undesirable, first of all for yourself, consequences. Firstly, you need to know that, according to Article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, an employee has the right to terminate an employment contract in writing two weeks before his departure. More precisely, the date you indicated in the application is the last working day at this place. Secondly, you should take into account some psychological points.

Do not share your thoughts about the upcoming departure with work colleagues. The fact is that depending on the situation, this can work against you. If until now your relations with your colleagues  (and even with the management) have been friendly and quite good, then the news of your departure can make you a “traitor”: how is it that we worked together for so long, one might say, in one breath, and all of a sudden this is unforgivable!

Otherwise, your careless thoughts out loud or even a resume posted on the Internet will immediately undermine the credibility of your person. Rumors of a possible departure will reach the authorities and it will be difficult for you to keep your authority at the same level. Maybe you just wanted to test the waters in the labor market, but you really have to leave.

Be careful. Another important point: "lay straws" before chopping off the shoulder. Quit for a short time, it is important where you plan to leave this place. Therefore, until you have an agreement with a new employer, taking the plunge is risky. Except in those cases when the situation obliges to make a decision right now, because it is simply unbearable to continue to be in the women's team .

How to quit your jobBlackmailing bosses with threats of dismissal as a method of playing for a pay rise is unreasonable. Any sane leader will very quickly understand your true intentions and suggest that you leave your place of residence in advance. Advance notification of a desire to quit may also not work in your favor. Imagine that you have to work for another month. It is not known how relations with colleagues and superiors will develop during this period. Time will drag on endlessly and bleakly, "intrigues" and rudeness are not excluded. If management refuses to accept your application and endorse it, send it by registered mail. In some cases, it is enough that the secretary accepted and recorded your application. Remember that retreat is not desirable. Of course, you retain the right to withdraw your application, but it can be very difficult to regain lost positions. Therefore, when making a decision, keep in mind that a one-way trip in case of dismissal is still better than an unforeseen return.

The best option is to leave amicably. If management wants to hear from you the true reason for leaving, it is in your interest to state everything as it is. Perhaps the situation will turn in your favor and you will be offered a new position and a better salary. It's likely that your manager will see that you've overstayed in small jobs and are worthy of a promotion. Very often, in such conversations, the details of the microclimate in the team are revealed to the authorities, and this has its own value, including for you: if you managed to reach an understanding, then you will receive a good recommendation for a new job, which will add weight to you as a specialist. Yes, and save the relationship, because who knows where and when you still have to cross paths with former colleagues and management. The earth is known to be round.

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