What resume mistakes can ruin a career?

It's no secret that a well-written, error-free resume increases the possibility of accepting you for this position. Most employers do not look at the fact that you have 3 higher educations behind you, good recommendations. The ability to present yourself qualitatively is the key to successful hiring.

CV mistakes

1. Incorrect photo

You should not post a photo in your resume that may reflect your non-seriousness. The employer will certainly give you the impression of an irresponsible, simple person who wants to stand out from the gray mass.


 2. Skills and abilities that are not required for this vacancy

You should not write in your resume that you are an excellent fisherman and hunter or are well versed in clothes and know how to cook deliciously. The employer is not at all interested in this and he will only waste his precious time on empty information, which will push him away in your candidacy.

 3. Lie

You can't give false information to an employer. If you do not own any knowledge, but indicate in your portfolio in order to improve it, then keep in mind that lies will surface sooner or later and you can fall in the eyes of your superiors. Moreover, all your skills can be inquired about.

4. Emoticon

Who would have thought that a simple, barely noticeable emoticon in the text can send your resume to the trash. It would seem that such a sign can dilute a boring, monotonous text, give originality and a friendly attitude. But in fact, the emoticon is inappropriate in the documents and even carries disrespect for the employer, especially the one that is much older than you.

 5. Grammar errors

Any employer needs a competent employee, and if you indicate your high literacy and make a mistake in your resume, then this will be a failure. When filling out the document, care, accuracy and seriousness are needed.

6. Increased Confidence / Lack of Self-Confidence

An employer can be stressed by the fact that in your resume you indicate that this position is vital for you, you are ready to work for free or put pressure on him for pity. The factor of inflated self-esteem is also important, arrogance and assertiveness in this case plays against you.

In order to prepare your resume well, a serious approach is required. Only after a carefully crafted portfolio and a rehearsed speech can you avoid mistakes on your resume and count on success in an interview

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