Whitening face mask

What is a whitening mask ? It is more logical to use it in the cold season, because in the summer you will still not hide from the sun's rays, and if you are struggling with freckles, then, of course, you need to do whitening before the start of the sunny season. Masks of this type will also help with pigmentation and to refresh the skin of the face in general.

When using natural products, you will get a safe effect, save money and time - these are the main advantages of whitening masks at home. Remember that masks using gauze should not touch the skin around the eyes and lips. Make standard blanks with slots in the right places.

Whitening mask for dry skin

Grate the cucumber, add a nourishing cream, apply on the face. Hold for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. The skin before the masks should be cleaned of dust and sebaceous secretions.

For oily skin, we recommend insisting cucumber gruel on vodka for a day. Soak the gauze in the resulting tincture, apply on the face. The exposure time is the same as for dry skin. The course of procedures is from ten to thirty, depending on the individual susceptibility of the skin. You can prepare a lotion for wiping oily skin. To do this, cut the cucumber in circles, pour half a glass of vodka, insist for a week. Use to wipe the skin.

Whitening curd mask

On a tablespoon of cottage cheese, add egg yolk - grind, then - a few drops of hydrogen peroxide (peroxide is known to have a whitening effect). Apply to face. Hold, rinse with warm water.

Cottage cheese (st. Spoon), mix half a teaspoon of sour cream, honey and lemon juice. Apply to face. The exposure time for masks is standard - 15-20 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, test masks with honey on a small area to avoid irritation.

Whitening honey mask

To prepare it, you will need the juice of one lemon, and 50 grams of honey. Mix the ingredients, soak the gauze with the resulting mixture and apply on the face.

Parsley whitening mask

Take fresh parsley (bunch), chop, pour a glass of boiling water, sweat in a water bath for ten minutes. Cool down to warm temperature. Then make a compress with this infusion (put moistened gauze on the face, moisten in the infusion as it dries). Recall that whitening masks are best done in the evening, after application, apply a nourishing cream.

A decoction of parsley roots or dandelion leaves will help lighten freckles. Two tablespoons of the first or second ingredient are enough for a glass of hot water. Pour, boil for twenty minutes over low heat. After it cools down, strain. Finally, a large spoonful of lemon juice. Use daily: Wipe face.

Whitening masks can also be made from strawberries and black currants. And from vegetables, perhaps, it is also worth noting an effective whitening mask from cabbage leaves. Finely chop the cabbage leaf, mash until the juice is released, add a quarter cup of kefir - the whitening mask is ready.

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