Car air freshener. How to choose

The choice of flavor for the carAutofragrance

Any female motorist knows how odors, especially unpleasant ones, linger in the interior of a car. As they cling, it is impossible to etch them out, only to drown them out, if that. The smell from rubber mats and cigarette smoke is especially annoying in this regard, and there is also a specific smell from things transported in the cabin. And here’s what’s interesting, of course, auto-fresheners can smell differently, but they don’t freshen the air, but only interrupt the “aromas” that have already settled in the cabin, and, one might say, have eaten into the skin (all textile surfaces are subjected to this, including child car seat ).

By the way, when choosing a freshener for a car interior, women prefer lavender and pink fragrant notes, less often vanilla.

The industry does not offer a special variety in car fragrances (although imported manufacturers have a wider fragrant palette). The proverbial lemon (calming), coniferous, or marine scents are the most popular of all.

Whether they are useful is the big question.

Perception is very individual. Those smells that are exciting for some, others do not like at all. Moreover, it has been proven that the chemicals on the basis of which these flavors are produced are sometimes harmful. And if you inhale them all day, they can even cause allergic reactions in the form of a runny nose or redness of the eyes - everything is very individual, so watch your well-being. Moreover, it has been noticed that in the hot season, fumes from air fresheners become more toxic.

Also, avoid direct contact of the air freshener figurine with plastic surfaces in the cabin. The fact is that the paint from the flavored figurine can adversely affect the painted plastic surfaces, more precisely, corrode them. Needless to say, if you fixed the flavoring in the cabin, respectively touched it with your hands, then you should not forget to wash your hands so as not to harm your own health. Also, make sure that children cannot get the fresheners, and even more so that they do not taste them (it happens that flavors in ashtrays are in granules: a child can mistake them for candy).

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