If the husband is a liar

Husband is a liar?

Those husbands who have not yet formed as individuals are prone to deceit, and with the help of deceit they shift the responsibility for making a decision to their wife. Often they provoke a conflict situation with their behavior, but in order for this conflict to be arranged by the spouse, she herself would take extreme measures, that is, divorce .

And the options for deception can be very different: both very well camouflaged and not very hidden, almost transparent. The latter are used just so that the wife does not even have a suspicion, but a clear understanding of what is happening in general. For example, the classic version: the husband is constantly late at work, arguing this with additional orders (or applications), unscheduled meetings and other unoriginal phenomena. It is clear that the wife begins to accumulate her suspicions. But they may be justified or not, because purely theoretically everything is possible. For example, if the spouse is a doctor, then, naturally, he has night shifts. Or, if he is an architect, he can quite realistically work on a project until midnight.

And here is another situation: the husband says that he went on a business trip, and upon arrival with the naked eye, a southern tan is visible on him. Here it is already clearer that the trip was connected with rest and, most likely, with another woman . Although he continues to tell you that he traveled on business. In this case, not every wife will withstand such an obvious lie. But, in fact, he can also expect that she will finally decide on her own about the divorce, and he, with a clear conscience (that it was not he who ruined the relationship) will go into the arms of his beloved.

Meanwhile, the wife has two options for responding to what is happening. The first has already been mentioned above, otherwise it may take a wait-and-see position. Patience will eventually be rewarded by the fact that the husband will remain in the family . He himself will not dare to leave (if he wanted to, he would have done it earlier). And the romance on the side will gradually begin to fade: passion tends to lose its strength. In addition, if he still did not dare to destroy relations with his wife, it means that he is still attached to her, but does not know how to control his emotions, therefore he is prone to easy relationships on the side.

We conclude: deception (unless, of course, it has a pathological background) should not always be regarded as something bad. If a person is hiding something from you, it means that he wants to keep the relationship as it was. It is not yet known whether the bitter truth will be better for you. There is a saying: if a lie is for the good of the family, then it is a holy lie. And there is some truth in this. Think about it.

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