If the boss comes

If the boss bothers you, it means that he saw an attractive woman in you. Well, joking aside, harassment by a male leader can sometimes be so stressful that the work will become not just unloved , but downright unbearable.

Types of pestering bosses

Cheerful - this can be seen immediately, even when applying for a job. He shamelessly communicates with all employees in the team. And at any opportunity, he strives to pinch or slap on a soft spot any passing by. You should not be serious about his manner of communication, he does it purely mechanically, without any special claims to your personal space.

"Unfinished daddy" - he constantly shows paternal feelings for you, especially if you are young. He likes to give you a gift in the form of a treat (such as a chocolate bar), but at the same time to give you a hug. Don't worry too much about it, all he needs is just to stand next to you, so he feels like your unspoken guardian.

“Another womanizer” - loves to conquer women's hearts, however, does not promise anything in return, but the very fact that you like him flatters him. Can look directly into your eyes, languidly touching your shoulder. Make it clear that you do not intend to play his games by openly hinting about it when a similar situation arises.

“Don’t leave, youth” is a code name for a boss aged 50 and older who is trying to assert himself and prove to himself that there is still “gunpowder in the flasks.” If he succeeds in fooling you, he will assume that he has not yet gone out of circulation. Let him know that you are not interested in relationships at work, and you will see how he is already seeking someone else's hand.

A secret admirer is rare, but it happens that he really fell in love with a young employee, as they say, a demon in the ribs. And hopes for an office romance with you. In a fit of feelings, it can pinch you in a secluded place. A slap in the face in this case will certainly have an effect, but not for long. Because seeking a woman - it only turns on. Keep in mind that everything has just begun. Make your own decision: leave or endure.

Persecutor - will harass you, regardless of your desire. The most insidious type, will regularly shower you with invitations to meet on neutral territory. Harassing during the working day, in general, will make being in the office unbearable. He will even stop you from quitting. There are several options for how to do this. It depends on you: whether you send him rudely, call his wife, scare him with your connections. In general, go ahead if you don't like his antics.

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