Which DVR to choose for the car?

A DVR is installed to capture events on the road, with their subsequent fixation on a hard drive. A person can use the captured footage at any time, which greatly facilitates the search for the necessary information in the event of a possible accident.

The video recorder is of the following types:


Such registrars are mounted mainly on the windshield, they are compact, have a fairly reasonable price, but their recording device contains little memory, so memory cards are also used more often.standalone video recorder


Used to record a special block that can be placed anywhere. Small video cameras are mounted at the corners of the vehicle, the number of which can be from 2 to 5. Video cameras are placed in front and behind the car, you can install them additionally on the sides. Thanks to the video cameras, which are located in different parts of the car, the capture of the territory is increased. The big disadvantage of such recorders is their high cost, high energy consumption, and the complexity of installation.

DVRs are also classified according to their recording speed. Allocate budget, medium and high (professional) class of video filming. The class directly depends on the frame rate per second. Naturally, the higher the class, the better the quality of the resulting video and accompanying sound recording.

The main characteristics of the DVR


A good mounting system and its no less high-quality fixation allow you to shoot high-quality, distortion-free video, and the corresponding sound recording. The fastening material and its connecting elements must be of high quality, sufficiently rigid, capable of quickly detaching or attaching to the DVR.


The recording can be displayed on the spot, which sometimes helps to resolve existing disputes without mediators.

Viewing angle

The optimal angle is 120-140 degrees, zooming in and out leads to a decrease in the quality of the picture as a whole.


One of the most sometimes necessary additions for communicating with traffic police officers, since the latter are sometimes not very shy in expressions.

Recorder looping

The car owner does not need to wipe old records every time, the DVR will do it on its own. After collecting the required number of bytes of memory, it will continue to record over the oldest video.

Fixing the date and time of shooting

In courts and other similar instances, due to the clearly displayed shooting time, 100% can be used as evidence.

Auto power on

The DVR immediately after turning on the engine starts video recording. The human factor of forgetfulness is no longer a hindrance to capturing information.

Motion Sensor

The sensor reacts to the movement of objects in front of it, and allows you to record a parked car, even if there is no one in the car.


Power type

The best option would be to purchase models with their own power system (battery).

Built-in GPS

Allows you to determine the coordinates of the vehicle, its speed at certain points in the area, with fixing the date and time.

I would like to note that it is not worth saving on DVRs, since the price affects the quantity and quality of some very necessary functions and this is not just a trifle ! For a female car driver, a video recorder for a car will be helped by a consultant. Good shopping to you.

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