How to enlarge breasts at home

Many girls and women often think about increasing the size of their breasts. Modern technologies and possibilities of medicine make it possible to implant implants, adjust the shape and increase the size. But how to enlarge a girl's breasts at home without resorting to surgery?


Breast augmentation options

  1. breast augmentation surgery (insertion of implants),
  2. exercise and diet control
  3. traditional medicine: methods and methods,
  4. the use of various creams and gels to correct and increase volume.

Each woman chooses the option that suits her. After all, not everyone will be able, for example, to engage in physical education, sports for a long time or to collect a decent amount of money for the implantation of implants. Some even prefer not to bother, but simply buy the appropriate cream for breast enlargement. Here the question, of course, is individual: to whom and what seems easier, easier, cheaper and safer. But everyone agrees on one thing: men are greedy for female charms, so in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex to your person, you should try and do everything possible.

So what is the female breast made of?

It is represented by mammary glands and adipose tissue, which form the basis of the female breast, and is also supplemented by a muscular base. It is by pumping up the muscles on which the chest is attached that you can tighten it and make it a little higher. Physical activity does not particularly affect the increase in size, but it helps to keep the chest in good shape and in a taut state!

If you consider your chest small and not attractive, first straighten your shoulders, straighten your posture and immediately notice that your chest has already appeared “on the horizon”, it has at least increased by half a size! When a girl stoops, she herself hides her breasts from the looks of passers-by and from herself. So always be in shape and keep your posture.

Home efforts, folk recipes and physical activity allow you to increase your breasts by about 1 size. But, believe me, it will already be noticeable! Of course, if you have plans to grow your breasts from 2-3 sizes to 5-6, then you cannot do without surgical magic.

How can I enlarge my breasts at home?

Some experts recommend the use of Contouring Salon Spa Breast Enlargement Cream. The result can be felt after a week of use. It's much safer than surgery. But an even more gentle and harmless method is physical techniques, folk recipes and proper nutrition. Let's take a closer look at these methods.

A little about physical activity

To visually make the chest more expressive, you need to work on your body. To begin with, burn excess fat in the body. The chest will also decrease slightly, but against the background of a slender figure, it will look more advantageous. In addition, it will become toned, gain height and elasticity.

For physical exercises, you will need small dumbbells (1-2 kg each). Alternatively, you can fill half-liter plastic bottles with sand or water.


  • Connect the fingers of the hands, making a lock, and place them in front of the chest. The arms are bent at the elbows. Try to force them apart. Do the exercise for 10-15 repetitions. At the same time, if you feel how the pectoral muscles are tense, then you are doing the exercise correctly.
  • Fold the palms of your hands to each other on the chest line, as if praying. Press your palms towards each other. The pectoral muscles are also involved here. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  • This exercise is done lying on your stomach. The palms are placed at shoulder level and serve as a fulcrum. The head must be lifted up and stretched with the whole body. The pose is reminiscent of "sipping a cat." Thus, the pectoral muscles are strengthened, the whole body comes into tone.
  • Ordinary press from the floor on the spread arms on the line of the chest. Bent elbows form a right angle (90 degrees). This method of push-ups perfectly stimulates the triceps and pectoral muscles.
  • The usual "bridge" position also has a great effect on chest tone. The emphasis is on the palms and heels, for starters, you can lean on the palms and feet.
  • As for dumbbells, they are good for swinging to the sides with straight and bent elbows. This exercise can be done while lying on your back. Hands in this case are also spread apart, without touching the floor.


Traditional medicine advises taking a contrast shower, doing cold rubdowns on the breasts. However, in the second case, you need to be especially careful to avoid possible inflammation of the mammary glands. Well, of course, eat more cabbage in any form.

Sunbathing with an open chest is contraindicated. Ultraviolet rays not only quickly age delicate skin, but can also become a source of cancer.

And always remember about even posture - this is already plus 0.5 breast size - a great start before enlarging a girl's breasts at home.

Be that as it may: a good chest is one that fits comfortably in the palm of a beloved man.

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