Why oatmeal jelly helps to lose weight

oatmeal recipeIf anyone does not know yet, oats are a magical remedy for cleansing the body of toxins, toxins and, in general, for normalizing metabolism. It is known that oats help cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol, and also supplies the body with vitamins and minerals. So those who know a lot use not only oatmeal jelly for weight loss, but also make dubazhi to cleanse the liver.

The recipe for dubage is very simple. Pure oats are taken in the volume of a liter, a similar volume of water. Grains are poured with water, put on fire and brought to a boil. Then decant, wring out, the cake is thrown away. The resulting liquid is divided into five parts. More precisely, every day on an empty stomach they drink one glass of this decoction at exactly noon. It is at 12 noon that the body has the highest peak of activity. After taking a cleansing decoction, they lie on their right side, creating heat in the liver area. You should lie down for half an hour. The course is five days.

The result of cleaning - the skin is cleaner, acquires a fresh color. The whites of the eyes are white. The body is light.

How to cook lean oatmeal for weight loss

Oats should be taken real, as soon as it will have the desired effect. So, for one and a half glasses of oats, half a glass of kefir, a tablespoon of sour cream, a little rye crust and one and a half liters of water are taken.

First, cereals are poured into a glass jar of a larger volume, kefir and sour cream are added to it, bread is crumbled, and then water is carefully poured in, everything is mixed.

The neck of the jar is covered with gauze, rolled up in several layers. Tie up and let it brew for 3 days.

The resulting infusion is decanted, poured into a saucepan and put on the stove. Stir until boiling and allow to thicken as it is done when cooking ordinary jelly. Allow to cool and apply.

Drink about half an hour before meals for half a cup daily. To get the effect, you need to use this remedy for at least a month. Cinnamon tea is also good .

Another way - a glass of natural washed oats is poured with a liter of water, boiled over low heat for several hours. The boiled grains are rubbed through a sieve, sifting out the husk. Gluten and liquid are what you need for the benefit of the body. Drink warm in a glass a day.

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