Dill water for newborns

Greetings to all mothers. If you got here, then you are interested in dill water for newborn babies. Did I understand correctly? Let me then try to tell you in detail everything about this water and how to use it. First of all, I want to advise you to read an article on how to choose a high chair for feeding a child, I think many parents are thinking about buying. So, something I'm not talking about) Often, our still very young children have abdominal colic. They are associated with an increase in gas formation in the baby's tummy, because until recently our child ate in a completely different way, and did not adapt to eating outside the womb.

Everyone knows that this is normal. But not all parents can calmly watch their little miracle crying because his tummy hurts. I want to note that colic in children does not appear immediately, but at 3-4 weeks of a child's life. Parents need to rest at least a little) During colic in the abdomen, the child always blushes, raising his legs up, and this can continue for quite a long time (up to several hours), until defecation brings relief. Basically, colic can appear either during feeding, or after a short time.

I don't know about other mothers, but I can't, for example, survive the moment when the child arranges concerts by screaming without interruption. So I'm trying to alleviate some of his suffering in one of several ways. It is about one of them that I will tell you today - this is dill water for newborns . You can read about all the nuances and methods of preparation below.

Dill water for newborns (where to get it)?


From intestinal colic, our dill water (0.1% solution of fennel oil) is a proven method. But there is one problem - finding dill water for newborns is not so easy. It is sold only in pharmacies where prescription drugs are made. Therefore, you can’t just go and buy it from you. Okay, I’ll tell you a secret that Plantex, which is an analogue of dill water, made from extracts of fennel fruits (“pharmacy dill”), which is sold dry in bags, which significantly increases its shelf life, can help you. It, like dill water, can be given to a child after 2-3 weeks of life, just when colic appears in children.

How to prepare dill water?

Please note that dill water is not made from the dill you think about. It is made from fennel - "pharmaceutical dill" just from here and such a name. Therefore, make it a rule that we will prepare dill water from fennel. And so, for starters, we will need to pour 2-3 grams of fennel with boiling water in a glass. As soon as the tincture stands for 20-30 minutes, take it and strain it through gauze. That's all) Then we mix 1 gram of dill water into our milk and give it to the baby. I am sure that after using fennel, your baby will have no stomach cramps.

I would like to add that in our time there are already many manufacturers who produce special tea, where fennel is already present. I also buy it myself, it costs about 45 hryvnia (Hipp company). That's all my friends, now you know what dill water for newborns and how to cook it at home. If you have any questions or additions, please write them in the comments, I will be happy to answer them.

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  1. Julia

    It's not for nothing that our ancestors came up with such a wonderful remedy for colic and pain in the tummy of babies. Very efficient. Immediately after giving birth, my daughter began to hurt her tummy. Thanks to my mother, who told me the secret of making dill water, I used it for up to 3 months. She also had to drink it herself - for a greater effect. The remedy helped us with my daughter. On the children's portal HedgehogHedgehog there is also a lot of interesting things for young mothers and their children.


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