How to avoid an accident?

You don't have to discover America to understand why some people get into car accidents more often, while God has mercy on others. Everything is explained simply. An accident is an accident and the patterns of attraction for such situations are the same as for any other problems.

Who has the most breakdowns and accidents?

Obviously, people who are carriers of negative energy. Roughly speaking, a bad mood is not the best companion. Women, as emotional beings, especially need to keep in mind that it is not necessary to drive immediately after a major scandal or an unpleasant conversation. The results of the surveys showed that when a person's thoughts are directed to thinking over a stressful situation that has arisen during the working day (or on a personal front), he cannot adequately assess the situation on the road.

In addition, people who treat others with disdain, who have a habit of sending all the drivers around, as a rule, unconsciously model an unfavorable situation around them. That is, with their censures, they once again attract negative situations to themselves. And, although they themselves are often to blame, they still have claims against the other side.

Therefore, every time, going on a journey, set yourself up for the positive, wish yourself mentally a happy journey. Treat all road users with respect and you will be treated accordingly. What comes from you comes back to you - remember this.

By changing your attitude towards others, you will notice that even accidents do not meet your path. This is natural, if you do not let gloomy thoughts take over you, then everything around adjusts in unison with a positive mood.

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