Coat in style: current trends of the season 2019-2020

Winter is no reason to wrap yourself up in shapeless clothes. A real lady looks elegant in any weather. About the current trends of the cold season 2019-2020 - in the material of our article.

What will be in trend?

This season, last year's trends are intertwined with the fashion trends of 2019. Winter woolen coats in retro style remain in trend Chic Victorian bohemian outfits are in fashion.

In the cold season, layering in clothes is relevant. An oversized coat will help support the direction.

The print has become the leader of the season. The favorites of the fall-winter 2019-2020 are the cage of various shades and the houndstooth. For the resilient optimists, the designers have prepared a surprise: floral motifs on the coat will cheer up not only the mistress of the clothes, but also those around her.

The texture of the current season will please with unusual softness. Fur variations of the coat, plush fabric, a combination of wool and faux fur are allowed.

Girls who are ready to erase gender boundaries can choose a masculine style. The raglan cut and wide-shoulder cut are also on trend.

And minimalism is still in trend. The laconic cut of a winter coat with insulation is in demand in any season.

About models

The main trend of the fashion world remains a free cut. The oversized coat is no exception. It is important to understand that oversized is a style that gives the appearance of a wide silhouette. This does not mean that clothes should be two sizes larger. The "highlight" of oversized is that there is no effect of clothing from someone else's shoulder. Oversized emphasizes the dignity and successfully hides the flaws of the figure. When in doubt, try the cocoon coat, which can be attributed to the classic oversized options.

A must have for fashionistas is a cage or even a predatory animal print. We say "cage" - we mean patchwork, we say "print" - we mean a predatory pattern on a classic cut. And yes, the animalistic pattern will look luxurious if applied to faux fur. This is how designers see fashionistas in the cold season.

Daring beauties can allow experiments with the image. Add charm to a coat with a fringe on the sleeve. And if the weather is positive in winter, then bloggers urge to stop at a coat-jacket or a shortened model of a cocoon coat.

Outerwear in bright colors will cheer you up in winter. Yellow, red, orange are considered a fashionable hit.

You can get information about fashionable coat models from manufacturers, Citta D'Arte, for example.

Light winter and fashionable look. Good luck!

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