Shopping: benefit or harm

In general, shopping, of course, is an amazing thing. He transforms women before our eyes. If you had to watch the ladies making purchases from the side, then you probably noticed how actively they show themselves in this all-consuming activity, how their eyes burn at the sight of the desired thing. They literally plunge into the world of fantasy, imagining how seductive that revealing blouse will look, and these sophisticated boots will attract the envious look of any fashionista.

Shopping must be given its due, sometimes it serves as a lifesaver against depression. Everyone knows that depression is characterized by low emotionality, apathy, indifference to everything around. And here the key point arises: it is enough to update at least one thing in your wardrobe - that's it, you already have the mood to flaunt in a new thing, to conquer the obstinate male employees, to arouse envy in women. In general, show the whole world what a beauty you are (and a new thing will only add color to your unique image).

Is shopping good or bad? We will analyze all the pros and cons. Let's start with the bad.

Opinion against: With all the seeming "healing" effect of shopping, it also has its drawbacks. If every time you get in a bad mood you rush to fix the situation with a new purchase, then very soon it may happen that you want to buy something new again and again, despite the fact that the purchased things no longer deliver such delight as at first. There is traction. And, as you know, any addiction is not good. Harmless purchases are made from their owner by a “squanderer” (with all the consequences). So be mindful of the issue. Sometimes an outside perspective is very helpful. And for a good mood there are other methods.

It will not be superfluous to ask yourself a question: “Do I need this thing right now? Am I sure I can't do without this purchase? At times, emotions take over (everything in shopping centers shines, plays with colors, music only provokes) and all this leads to the fact that, under the impression of a beautiful thing, you simply cannot resist (especially if you have the necessary amount with you). When the ardor passes (usually at home), you suddenly realize that this marvelous blouse was not really needed right now. Control your emotions, this will help you avoid unnecessary spending.

Opinion for. Excessive control, however, is not a "friend" either. Women who are accustomed to save on everything often do it to the detriment of their loved ones. As a result, instead of something already updated in their wardrobe (respectively, in their image), they spend money on other needs that are useful for the home. If you have already decided that you need a change - take a step towards the desire. Old things do not add gloss, and, accordingly, success. Sometimes you just need to change your image in order to turn things around for the better.

In addition, things still matter for the formation of internal aspiration (motivation). For example, you saw the car of your dreams, but you don't have a rich uncle. As one of the options - to make money on the "beauty" herself. Here is your goal. Accordingly, you have the idea to find a job that will bring more income, or work in the same place, but with greater returns. Thus, the thing becomes a stimulus for personal growth. After all, perhaps at a new job you will need qualities that you did not notice or did not develop in yourself before. So forward to the goal. And shopping will be a reward for the work.

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