Husband doesn't want to work

Tired of fighting with your spouse, proving to him that you are not a camel, or, more precisely, you are not a camel in your couple? Well, you can understand. Only after all the situation did not come from the ceiling and not overnight, like a bolt from the blue. Everything went to the fact that the roles somehow changed between you. Most likely, it was not so from the very beginning that you plow like an ox, but he uses it. If at once, then address the question to yourself: how did you accept this alignment of things. But if at some stage he lost interest in work, then you need to figure it out together

Why does my husband not want to work?

Several scenarios for the development of such a picture are possible. One option is a midlife crisis , which can happen at the age of twenty. It happens that a person is trying to do something in this life, to change, to achieve something. Or at least, he tries to use all these opportunities or even create the prerequisites for his own development and the extraction of material benefits. But at one fine moment he realizes that everything: he tried everything, made various attempts to grow - nothing helps. Everything flows somehow monotonously, without any special changes and cash inflows. The spleen is green.

First reason

And if, in addition to everything else, there is a spouse nearby, for whom everything is going well, everything turns out beautifully and career growth and in general ... Do you think it beats male pride? And how! And there are women (perhaps you are not one of them) who are still starting to nag the poor fellow to the heap, instead of somehow supporting him. Well, what do you think a person who is already so disappointed in his abilities will do, and then the other half is trying to contribute: they say, what kind of a man are you in general, incapable ... The verdict is clear. Here your support, and not tediousness, can play a positive role.

The second reason

Why the husband does not want to work - you yourself have deprived him of any desire to do something. Have you ever seen such a picture in the office: your colleague (someone's wife) sits and calls all day on the phone: he is looking for a job for her husband. You ask her why, they say, he himself can’t try for himself? And she replied, they say, you’ll wait from him, it seems, until I find it myself, he won’t move. Here is the answer to you more clearly: if you are used to doing everything for a man yourself, what kind of initiative do you expect from him?

Moreover, when these prerequisites (of your dominance) are just appearing, the husband tries to resist, to put it mildly, hints or, roughly speaking, sends you with your proposals. And then he gets pretty bored with it and he just plays along with you. Of course, a woman who does this does not see what a mistake she is making. For some reason, it seems to her that she strives to do everything the best way, but it turns out the opposite. Although in fact - what she fought for, she ran into something.

The third reason: why the husband does not want to work (today one of the most common) - because the wife earns enough to support the whole family. And here two options for the development of the situation are possible: you agree amicably (and both of you are quite happy with it) that the husband is now a housewife (she cooks borscht, washes, looks after the children), and you are a breadwinner, which is no longer a rarity in the modern world . But is it right when “a woman is ready for a burning hut ..”, but what about femininity and the eternal postulate that a woman is the keeper of the hearth? But your right to decide how best it will be for the full happiness of your family .

Another turn of events is when you start thinking: “What the hell did this squishy give up to me. I am a strong woman , self-sufficient, for which I need an appendage, from which there is no benefit - a parasite and nothing more .. ”So you answered yourself. To live with such a husband is only to waste your energy in vain. So divorce . However, divorce is a last resort. We must first try to solve the situation by conservative methods, and then, as they say, to chop off the shoulder. Here is such irrational arithmetic.

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