Who drives better. men or women

Who drives better. men or women?

In fact, the question in this formulation is incorrect. Because both women and men can be great drivers. But despite this, it should still be recognized that each half has its own characteristics, its own psychology.

Men, with their characteristic maximalism and self-righteousness, are more likely to get into accidents on the road, because even the road for them is a place of rivalry. This is confirmed by strong words that sound to other drivers. They don’t like being “cut off”, and if a lady wants to overtake, then this, of course, hurts pride. It's better to add gas, ironically letting go of a couple of affectionate lagging behind ladies. In addition, a man more often strives to slip on yellow: why waste time.

In general, impromptu on the road is typical for male drivers. It is not the rules that are important to them, but the traffic situation, so they always act based on the circumstances, following the principle: it will be more correct this way.

Women, unlike the stronger sex, are more respectful of the rules of the movement. And in a calm road situation, they navigate well. But as soon as an extreme situation arises on the way, they immediately get lost, start to rush about and make mistakes, sometimes not with the best consequences.

In addition, mood . Women are known to be more prone to emotional breakdowns. Any acute problem that arises at home or at work affects the female psyche in such a way that it literally puts the owner of the car into prostration, and she drives purely on autopilot (many ladies admitted this). It is clear that in a state of deep stress it is impossible to adequately assess the road situation. And this is again a reason to create an emergency.

Conclusion: both women and men can drive a car well. But at the same time, each side has its own characteristics. In favor of women, I still want to add that they are more conducive to the right movement, although they are subjected to irony by men.

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