Dry skin: causes and solutions

Dry Skin – There are many different causes of dry skin. One of them is genetic disposition. In this case, during the period of decreased activity of the function of the sebaceous glands, the skin becomes much drier. Usually women with white and thin skin fall into this group, which is good in youth and is distinguished by velvety, but after 40 years its appearance noticeably worsens: it is aging. Dryness is noticeable not only on the face, but also on the back, arms, legs.

If by nature the skin is moderately greasy, dense, then with proper care it retains a pleasant appearance for quite some time. However, the impact of adverse factors (weather conditions: wind, sun) or constant stay in an unventilated room does its job, as well as some medical procedures and medication. , peeling with fruit acids causes obvious peeling .

    Moisture is lost by the skin due to poor protection (insufficient work of the sebaceous glands) or as a result of thinning of the lipid layer that can retain moisture in the skin cells. With insufficient lipid lenok, moisture quickly evaporates, the skin becomes vulnerable, including to the effects of various kinds of harmful substances. Therefore, in such cases, rapid aging is observed, which is accompanied in parallel by micro-inflammations (pimples).

How to avoid dry skin

It is very important to find out in time what type of skin your skin is, so as not to harm it with unsuitable care products. Remember that exfoliating procedures (more than once a week), degreasing cleansers: soap (especially with fragrances) and those cleansers that contain alcohol are not recommended for dry skin. Also avoid long hot baths, as hot water dries out the skin.

Do not forget that the work of the sebaceous glands also depends on the level of hormones. If the processes in the rejuvenation of the body slow down, the function of the sebaceous glands also declines. The skin loses moisture and ages.

      Dehydration is also one of the major causes of dry skin. Loss of moisture must be replenished in a timely manner by drinking enough clean water. Helps retain water in the body and seafood containing fatty acids,

useful in this sense and nuts


Perfectly moisturize the skin of the face mask. Chopped parsley with sour cream is a proven remedy. And in winter, a mask of honey with cottage cheese is well suited. The main thing is to do everything in a timely manner. Running skin is more difficult to reanimate.

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