How to be a good wife

how to be a good wifeWho knows what a good wife she is. For some men, this is a bitch that does not allow relaxation in the physical and moral sense, for others - a quiet, resigned "doe", for others - an excellent hostess. Can there be three in one? Rather, no, because each creature has a pair, and what kind of pair this will be - the one who chooses will be determined. But there are moments that will help any woman become a good wife , well, or improve herself in this difficult field.

Rules for a Good Wife

First, give your husband a break from his society. Each person needs personal space and time that he can spend on himself, immerse himself in his thoughts, that is, be alone with himself in his inner world. This is fine. But if a woman demands attention all the time, she runs the risk of quickly getting bored with her other half. Therefore, adhere to the principle: love and let live to another.

The second rule: echoes the first: do not interfere with the periodic meetings of the husband with friends: trust. It is very important for a man to be in the company of his friends, classmates, with whom he can discuss topics of interest in his “male” language. This gives a good relaxation, distracts from the monotony and, by the way, after such communication, your relationship with him is refreshed. But interrogations: where was he? with whom? only complicate and destroy mutual trust.

The third rule: do not be completely gray mouse , psychologists say that emotional shake-ups strengthen family ties. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to be a little jealous, to show off, in other words, to cheer yourself up and him. Agree that monotonous communication from day to day somehow really drives you into despondency and longing. And here all some kind of variety, emotional switching is useful sometimes.

Fourth: every forty days, the wife needs to change her image, such is the cyclical addiction. If you change your image, it will seem to a man at the subconscious level that another woman is with him (there is no reason to look to the side), this gives new sensations, adds drive. Therefore, think about how you can change your image: dye your hair a different color, do unusual makeup , change your color preferences in clothes . Think, fantasize. The same can be said for home furnishings. Change the color of the bed linen, rearrange the furniture (not without his help, of course). Any changes make your life more conscious and varied.

Rule five: do not seek to prove your case at any cost. Let the man feel that his word has weight. Let this time you take the place of the "loser", but win in the manifestation of wisdom. It is important for a husband to know that his opinion is not the last in your family, then he will not consider his interests to be infringed. A good wife is not the one who wins the argument, but the one who has the patience to get her way.

Rule Six: Remember that sweet lies are sometimes better than bitter truths. If you want to keep calm in the family, do not bring up for discussion what can cause jealousy on his part, conflicts and other unpleasant phenomena. Not everyone needs your truth, and the truth is only for you, he has his own, no less weighty.

Rule Seven: Rejoice in your husband, whenever and in whatever form he returns home. Even if drunk, but he came to you, and not to another place, so appreciate what you have. Learn also to praise for actions worthy of praise, because having received encouragement once, another time he will do even more for you. Namely, relationships in marriage are based on mutual exchange and trust. The interests and opinions of the partner must be heard and respected. Everything will come back.

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