Gray mouse: role or vocation in life

"Grey mouse" by definition is a modest nature. She is not used to accepting compliments, and therefore feels uncomfortable when she suddenly hears flattering remarks addressed to her. She is far from showing off and a flashy image, does not like to be in the spotlight, does not flirt , does not arrange a showdown with her missus on the basis of jealousy , and in general, if possible, avoids drawing attention to her own person.

Rather, such a woman resembles a humble sinner, therefore she always seeks to hide behind someone's broad back. It is convenient to live with such a wife: she does not make scandals, does not look for evidence and evidence of her husband's infidelity, does not contradict his desires, including in bed, in other words, she accepts her share as it is. By the way, many husbands appreciate this type of wives, noting that this is exactly what is needed for life: kind, quiet, loving. You can always be sure that someone is waiting at home with a hot dinner without further questions.

However, "gray mice" are of a different plan. Creating the appearance of unobtrusiveness, they actually quietly promote their ideas, so much so that the spouse does not even have time to understand that the wife was the initiator of everything. Such “grey eminences” manage not only to put things in order in the house, but also in the business of the spouse. At the same time, they by no means look like notorious quiet women, on the contrary, they very cleverly build a line of their behavior.

The husbands of such women are sure that they keep the final word for themselves, so cleverly their “weak” half knows how to arrange everything as if all the merit belongs to the spouse. He does not even suspect how unexpected his partner's hidden intentions may be for him. Sometimes you should be afraid, because under the guise of a “gray mouse” a monster can be hiding, and it is not known what kind of story this will result in for a “myopic” husband. The poor man may be left without everything. But this is an extreme scenario for the development of the situation. It must be admitted that more often than not, “gray mice” correspond to the classical definition and are more prone to a faceless existence, while suffering from this state of affairs.

How to stop being a "gray mouse"

You can be a “gray mouse” at work, you can be a “gray mouse” at any party, and you can be a “gray mouse” in the family. These are all different incarnations of one concept: nondescript, inconspicuous, always on the sidelines. And so you want to be different, so you want to show your best sides, especially when you know that in some ways you are original, and even surpass many. But how do you present yourself? Try to unleash your potential with some simple tips.

There are no ugly women, there are lazy ones. Therefore, try to look at yourself differently, learn to emphasize the dignity of appearance with the help of makeup , and in clothes, find successful style and color solutions . Think of a life in which you would like to play a major role. Try to get a better look at your new self in your fantasy, and then transfer the sensations to reality. Remember, dreams do come true . The main thing is to stop criticizing yourself for every gesture. All people make mistakes, but not every one of them engages in self-blame for this reason. Try to do everything the other way around, not the way you used to. That is, choose other priorities for yourself: if you were previously dressed dull and gray - have the courage to put on something bright, if you have not used makeup before - so do makeup right now, if you were afraid to express your opinion - go ahead and with a song ! Arrange a provocation for yourself and others. Probably, the new image will not be to your liking at first, but as soon as you receive the first portion of compliments, admiring glances, you immediately decide whether you are comfortable in an unusual role until now.

Perhaps you will make a discovery for yourself that, it turns out, the previous image was much more comfortable for you, it was easier to concentrate on your thoughts and tasks. So, the role of a gray mouse is your calling. By the way, it is not at all necessary to build a FIFA out of yourself in order to achieve certain results. Many bosses , just by nature, are introverts, that is, closed, distant from others. This actually helps them to run a successful business.

As for family life, so you think about what your husband appreciates, maybe your shyness is what he likes most of all, and he does not at all want to see a bright coquette next to him. To each his own: loud applause for some, and quiet family everyday life for others.

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