How to avoid a quarrel

Quarrels happen to everyone, at least in the first, when the period of grinding between young spouses , as well as in moments of crisis, when everything is disgusted and every little thing annoys. Well, just like that, as they say, for the sake of self-affirmation at the expense of a partner, this is also a real option. However, the result often only aggravates the situation, so it’s better to think about how to avoid a quarrel : a compromise will be beneficial to both parties. To successfully build relationships, you first need to know the psychology of a man and a woman. For example, if a woman says "leave", this does not mean that she really wants the man to leave. Often with such words, she simply achieves that the partner admits his mistake, thereby confirming her rightness. However, men take everything literally, so

How to avoid a quarrel

  • rule number one - avoid hidden subtexts in your angry statements.
  • The second rule - do not wind yourself up and him, using statements like: “you don’t put me in anything”, “you think that I’m a fool”, “you don’t love me”, etc. What do you want to achieve when you say these phrases ? Perhaps you want to hear the opposite. But, believe me, such generalized statements will not help solve a problem that really exists. On the contrary, you will go even further into the jungle and forget where you started.
  • Rule three - if you want to find out why he does this, why not ask about it directly, only in a calm manner, without tantrums. It is very easy to inflate an elephant out of a fly. It is difficult then to find an approach to a partner, because talking in a raised tone with caustic embellishment of the situation only alienates you from each other.

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  • Rule #4 - Before you start to buzz, ask yourself one simple question: “what do I want to achieve?”. This will help you choose the right tactics. Otherwise, you'll have to go back to rule #2. If you really want to hear an explanation of your husband's actions, the best option is to talk heart to heart.
  • Rule number five - sometimes find the strength in yourself to admit that you are wrong. Of course, I would like HE to admit in any case that only you are right, but this does not happen. Even a husband who sincerely loves you will be unpleasant if you begin to speculate on his feelings. A repetition of the situation will lead to an early cooling of relations.
  • Rule six - if you have problems at work, your family should not suffer from it. As they say, when you come home, leave all your work troubles outside. In the end, work can be changed , but it is unreasonable to destroy a family.
  • Rule seven - do not focus on the fact that your husband follows the eyes of girls in short skirts. Seeing beauty (more precisely, provocation) and wanting everyone in a row is not the same thing.

Jealousy , of course, is not the best feeling, but if you are jealous, then at least it should be justified.

  • Rule eight - if you are only annoyed by everything. Scattered socks, his way of talking, finally, how he eats - keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the problem lies much deeper. Try to understand what does not suit you, and then address the question to your partner. Remember that it is better to find out for sure than beat around the bush, this will help you avoid a quarrel.

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